Pieter Burman on the Ciris

Unpublished Notes on the pseudo-vergilian epyllion

di María Ángeles Robles

Collana Duepunti, n. 82
ISBN 978-88-7470-976-2


pp. 144

La prima edizione commentata delle note del filologo Pieter Burman al poemetto pseudo-virgiliano Ciris / The first annotated edition of the classical scholar Pieter Burman's notes on the pseudo-Vergilian poem Ciris


In a letter written on 8 November 1713 in Utrecht and addressed to Gisbert Cuper, the Dutch classical scholar Pieter Burman the Elder (1668-1741) noted down several textual remarks on the Latin text of the Ciris, a brief mythological pseudo-Vergilian poem included in the Appendix Vergiliana. Burman died while preparing the edition of Vergil’s complete work, including the Ciris (which perhaps he planned on correcting along the lines expressed in the letter); this legacy was left to his nephew, Pieter Burman the Younger.
The present work consists of a transcription and a detailed study of Pieter Burman’s unpublished handwritten notes to the Ciris, with preliminary remarks on the authorship and the chronology of the epyllion, a survey of the sources used (the printed editions and the Codex Basileensis), and a commentary on the preface to Burman’s 1746 posthumous edition of Vergil.


María Ángeles Robles holds a PhD in Classical Philology. She continues her work as independent researcher besides teaching Latin and Greek in secondary school. Her research interests focus on textual criticism, commentaries on Latin authors by humanist scholars, and their correspondence as a source of information on the history of the classical studies and the reception of the Greco-Roman antiquity.


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